Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Show your Teeth Some LOVE!

Is this not the most appropriate valentines card for me ever? I got it from my husband I just love it! Inside it says "We are MINT to be together". Cute, huh?

Besides being Valentine's Day last week, February is also Dental Health Month! So why not show your teeth a little love this month.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

* Are you up to date on your dental cleanings and check ups?
* Be careful with between meal snacks and soda
* Brush at least 2 times daily for 2 minutes each
* Floss every day or use Soft Picks (ask me if you are not sure what these are-they are my favorite substitute for flossing!)
* Use a fluoride mouthwash for kids (Act has one that has no alcohol in it)

And I have a dental puzzle for the kids: click HERE to download it.

Have a good break week and keep smiling!

Dr. Fox