Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Blog Winner!

Hello everyone!

We are busy at the office collecting candy for our Halloween Buy Back. I will let you know how much we get when we are done.

In the meantime, I have belatedly randomly chosen a winner for the October drawing from our posters and followers.

The winner is Tanya! I have emailed you separately.  Congrats!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fun Healthy Halloween Snacks

Let's face it-there is WAY too much candy going around this week!

For a fun, healthier after school or party snack, check out these that I found on Pinterest. Just go to Pinterest and search for healthy Halloween snacks. Or click HERE for my Pinterest page.

These are my favorites though:
The top one is made with yogurt covered almonds, peanut butter and apples. Yum!

 This one uses mini marshmallows, peanut butter and apples. Cute!

Happy Halloween and enjoy!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkins with Braces

Do you and your family love to carve pumpkins? There are so many cool things you can do.  Look at these cool braces themed pumpkin carvings I found on Pinterest.

Aren't they fun?
And I would love to try this one for the office:

Happy Carving!

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

My anniversary gift!

As many of you know, my hobby outside of the office is quilting. I have made many, many quilts over the years, but rarely has anyone made one for me!
I was totally blown away when, on the day of our anniversary party, I was presented with this awesome gift from my staff!

Can you guess what it's made out of? The girls got together and sacrificed some of their old and current scrub tops that they have worn in the office over the years to make the colored patches. A couple of them now have holes in their pockets!  Katie, also an avid quilter, made the top. I got to quilt it myself and now it is hanging in the office. I quilted the girls names into some of the blocks.

Isn't it the most creative thing ever? I love it!

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Coming up soon: healthy halloween treats  and cool pumpkin carvings.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

20th Anniversary Party!!

August of this year marked my 20th anniversary of practicing in New York. It's hard to believe! Where does the time go?  Several of the staff members here suggested a party to celebrate. So on August 22nd we had an awesome bash with catering from Char Broil, a bounce house, spray on tattoos ( I think this was the most popular thing!) and a photo booth.  We had over 200 patients and families attend. It was so much fun!

A special thank you to Cheryl Conolly for taking a ton of awesome photos! And to Tammy Di Cecca for the most yummy cupcakes. Did you notice the marshmallow "molars" on top of them? Danielle Di Cecca made all those by hand! So cute!

My staff also made me a special gift to commemorate the occasion. I will tell you all about that very soon!

You all know our horse Flossie that sits in our front yard. She has been sitting out and braving the elements for 12 years now! So her braces were starting to fall off and she was getting a little worn out looking. We decided she needed a make over for our party too. I will post some pics of her new braces and accessories soon!

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This months prize: 
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hello and welcome to my new orthodontic blog! Here I hope to share with you fun stuff about teeth and orthodontics. We will also have news of upcoming events and give-aways, so sign up to follow us!

To start us off I have a funny story to tell you about a poor pup who is "in the dog house" this week.  Meet Opal:

Isn't she precious? But look at those teeth-quite the underbite!  And I guess she wanted to do something about it because Mom came downstairs yesterday morning and found THIS hanging out of her mouth!

Yikes! Bad Doggie! 

But they still love her anyway!

So don't forget to keep those retainers where your pooch can't get them.  Cat's have been know to steal them too, but usually not to eat!

Do you have a funny story about your retainers? I'd love to hear it. Leave me a comment.

Until next time...... KEEP SMILING!