Sunday, October 20, 2013

My anniversary gift!

As many of you know, my hobby outside of the office is quilting. I have made many, many quilts over the years, but rarely has anyone made one for me!
I was totally blown away when, on the day of our anniversary party, I was presented with this awesome gift from my staff!

Can you guess what it's made out of? The girls got together and sacrificed some of their old and current scrub tops that they have worn in the office over the years to make the colored patches. A couple of them now have holes in their pockets!  Katie, also an avid quilter, made the top. I got to quilt it myself and now it is hanging in the office. I quilted the girls names into some of the blocks.

Isn't it the most creative thing ever? I love it!

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Coming up soon: healthy halloween treats  and cool pumpkin carvings.

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